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Absu-Mythological Occult metal 2 cd $13.99
Absu- Absu CD $13.99
Accept s/t cd $11.99
Accept Restless and Wild cd 6.99 
Accept Metal heart CD $6.99     
Accept Russian Roulette CD $6.99   
Accept-Balls To The Wall CD $11.99
Accept-Blood of The Nations CD $15.99                                                         

AC/DC "High Voltage" remastered cd $11.99
AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" remastered $11.99
AC/DC-Powerage  remastered$11.99
AC/DC If You Want Blood-Live remstered CD $11.99
AC/DC-Jailbreak 1974 remstered CD $11.99 
AC/DC-Highway To Hell CD    $9.99
Acheron Rites Of The Black Mass CD $11.99
Acheron-Final Conflict The Last days of God CD $12.99
Acheron Decade Infernus 2 cd $14.99
Acid bath-When The Kite String Pops CD $13.99
Agnostic Front "Liberty and justice For..." CD $15.99
Agnostic Front "Warriors" CD $15.99
Airbourne "Runnin Wild" CD $14.99
Alestorm "Captain Morgan's Revenge" cd $14.99
Alestorm-Leviathan EP  $8.99
Amorphis "Silent Waters" CD $13.99
Anathema  "The Silent Enigma" CD  $11.99
Angus "Track Of Doom/Warrior of The World" CD $9.99
Alestorm "Captain Morgan's Revenge" CD $16.99
Alestorm-Leviathan CD EP $7.99
Alestorm Black Sails At Midnight cd /dvd $16.99
Amorphis Far From The Sun CD   $9.99
Amorphis -Silent Waters CD $14.99
Anathema The Silent Enigma cd/dvd $$14.99
Annihilator "Refresh The Demon" CD $11.99
Annihilator "Carnival Diablos" CD $11.99
Annihilator "Criteria For A Black Widow" CD $11.99
Anthrax-Fistfull of metal CD $12.99
Anthrax-Spreading The Disease CD$9.99
Anthrax-Among the Living CD $9.99
Anthrax-Worship Music CD $13.99
Anvil "Hard N Heavy" CD $16.99
Anvil-Metal On Metal CD $16.99
Anvil "Forged In Fire" CD $16.99
Anvil-This is 13 CD $13.99
Anvil Chorus-The Killing Sun CD $12.99
Armored Saint-March of The Saint CD $10.99
Artillery-Fear Of Tommorow CD $14.99
Artillery When Death Comes  CD $16.99
Asphyx "The rack" CD $12.99
Asylum -Earth is The Insane Asylum...Demos $12.99 (Md Doom)
At War Infidel CD $12.99  new studio material 2009!
Astral Doors "New revelation" CD $14.99
Atheist "Unquestionable presence" $13.99
Attacker "Battle at Helms Deep" cd $9.99
Attacker "The Second Coming" CD $9.99
Attacker "The Unknown" cd $9.99
Aura Noir -Live $13.99
Autopsy "Severed Survival" CD $11.99
Autopsy Severed Survival 2 cd $14.99
Autopsy "Mental Funeral" CD $11.99
Autopsy "Acts Of The Unspeakable" CD $11.99
Autopsy "Dead as F--k" cd live 1992 $9.99
Axehammer "Windrider" CD $9.99
Axxis -Doom Of Destiny CD $14.99
Axxis Utopia CD $13.99
Backwater 2lps on one cd +2 bonus trx $11.99
Bad Brains-s/t CD $12.99
Bad Brains "Build a Nation" 2007 CD $14.99
Bad brains "Rock For light" CD $11.99
Bad Brains-I against I $10.99
Bad Religion New Maps Of hell $13.99
Bad Religion "How Could Hell Be Any Worse" $11.99
Bad Religion "All ages Show" live $11.99
Bad Religion "No Substance" CD $9.99
Bad religion "Generator" CD $11.99
Bad Religion- Suffer CD   $11.99
Bad religion "Recipe For hate"  $11.99
Bad Religion "Stranger Than Fiction" $11.99
Bad religion New America cd $11.99
Bathory-Blood Fire death CD  $13.99
Bathory-requiem CD $13,99
BattleTorn "Evil Chains" CD $7.99
Jeff beck -Live w Jan Hammer Group CD $6.99
Jeff beck Wired $11.99
Behemoth and the forsests Dream eternally"  cd $9.99
Behemoth Apostasy CD $12.99
Behemoth- Satanica  CD $12.98
Behemoth Ezkaton cd $9.99
Behemoth -Grom CD remastered $11.99
Behemoth-Evangelion CD/DVD $14.99
Beherit The Oath Of Black Blood CD $11.99
Benediction-The grand Leveller/Subconcious Terror CD $19.99
Bitch The Bitch Is Back CD $5.99 (out of print)
Black Flag-Damaged CD $14.99
Black Flag Slip It In CD $14.99
Blackfoot -Strikes $9.99
Blackfoot Tomcattin CD $6.99
Blackfoot Marauder CD $9.99
Blackfoot -Live $11.99                         
Black Oak Arkansas- Hot n Nasty CD  $6.99
Black Sabbath -Paranoid CD $9.99
Black Sabbath-Technical Ecstacy cd $8.99
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell CD $11.99 remastered
Black Sabbath -Dehumanizer CD $11.99
Black Sabbath-The Dio Years CD $12.99
Blind Guardian Follow The Blind cd $13.99 bonus trx
Blind Guardian Battalions Of Fear  $13.99 bonus trx
Blind Guardian  Somewhere Far Beyond $9.99
Blind Guardian Tales From The Twilight World $9.99
Blind Guardian Nightfall In Middle Earth $9.99
Blind Guardian -Another Stranger Me cd EP $7.99
Blind Guardian-A Twist in The Myth CD $13.99
Bloodbath-Breeding Death EP   $7.99
Blood Money "Red Raw and Bleeding" cd $9.99
Bloodstorm-Sirian Storm CD $11.99
Blue Cheer -Vincebus Eruptum cd   $9.99
Blue Cheer Good Times are so hard to Find cd $9.99
Blue Cheer London, Hamburg Live Bootleg $9.99
Blue Oyster Cult s/t CD $6.99 (w/ bonus tracks)
Blue Oyster Cult Tyrrany and Mutation CD $6.99 bonus
Blue Oyster Cult On Your Feet On On Your Knees CD $9.99
Blue Oyster Cult Spectres Expanded CD $6.99
Blue Oyster Cult Fire of Unknown Origin CD $6.99
Blue Oyster Cult-Cultasaurus Erectus
Blue Oyster Cult Alive In America cd $11.99
Bolt Thrower In Battle The Is No law CD $13.99
Bolt Thrower Realm Of Chaos CD $9.99
Bolt Thrower "Warmaster" CD $14.99
Bolt Thrower-Mercenary cd $11.99
Bolt Thrower-Honor Valor pride cd $11.99
Bolt Thrower -For Victory 2 cd $14.99
Bolt Thrower/Paradise Lost Demos cd $14.99
Bonded By Blood -Feed The Beast CD $11.99
Brainstorm "Ambiguity" cd $5.99
Brainstorm   Downburst CD  $13.99
Brimstone "Carving a Crimson Career" cd $7.99
Broken Bones  F.O.A.D CD $13.99
Bulldozer Neurodeliri CD digipack $14.99
Bullet (Swe) Bite The Bullet CD $13.99
Burzum-Burzum /Aske CD $19.99 digipack
Burzum -"Anthology" CD  $14.99
Burzum-Belus CD $17.99
Cannibal Corpse-Butchered at Birth CD $11.99
Cannibal Corpse -Eaten Back To Life CD $11.99
Cannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism $11.99
Cannibal Corpse "Gore Obsessed" CD $11.99
Cannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn CD $11.99
Cannibal Corpse "Vile"  CD censored cover $5.99
Cannibal Corpse -Eviscration Plague CD/DVD $14.99
Captain beyond- s/t CD  $9.99
Carcass-Reek of Putrefaction CD /DVD $15.99
Carcass -Symphonies Of Sickness CD/DVD $15.99
Carcass Necrotocism Descanting The Insalubrious cd/dvd $15.99
Carcass Heartwork CD/DVD $15.99
Cardinal Sin Resurrection CD $9.99
Candlemass "King Of The Grey Island" CD $14.99 us pressing w/ 2 bonus trx
Candlemass Epic Doomus Metallicus 2 cds w/live disc15.99
Candlemass Nightfall 2cd remastered  $15.99
Candlemass Ancient Dreams 2 cd $15.99
Candlemass Tales Of Creation 2 cd $15.99
Candlemass "Live"  CD $11.99
Candlemass-Doomed For Live 2cd 2003 $9.99
Candlemass "Lucifer Rising" CD  $10.99
Candlemass -Death Magic Doom CD $14.99
Captain Beefheart-Trout Mask Replica cd $14.99
Captain Beyond-s/t CD  $9.99
Carcass Reek Of Putrefaction 2CD/DVD $15.99
Carcass Symphonies of Sickness CD/DVD $15.99
Carcass Necrotocism Descanting the Insalubrious 2cd/dvd $15.99
Carcass heartwork 2CD/DVD $15.99
Carcass Swansong2 cd w/DVD $15.99
Carnivore s/t digpack cd $14.99
Carpathian Forest-Black Shining Leather CD $11.99
Carpathian Forest-Throush Chasm Caves and Titan Woods CD $11.99
Carpathian Forest-we are going to hell for this CD $11.99
Carpathian Forest-Morbid Fascination of Death CD $11.99
Carpathian Forest-F*** You All CD $13.99
Johnny Cash-The Fabulous Johnny Cash cd (1958!) $6.99
Johnny Cash -Ragged Old Flag $6.99
Johnny Cash -America CD $6.99
Johnny Cash -Ride This Train cd $6.99
Johnny Cash-Blood Sweat and Tears cd $6.99
Cathedral -Forest Of Equilibrium CD/DVD $15.99
Cathedral -The Ethereal Mirror CD $13.99 
Cathedral-The Seventh Coming  CD$10.00
Cathedral Carnival Bizarre CD/DVD $15.99
Cathedral-Endtyme CD $12.99
Cathedral Garden Of Unearthly delights CD $13.99
Nick Cave -The Boatmans Call CD $11.99
Celtic Frost  Morbid Tales CD $11.99
Celtic Frost  To megatherion CD $11.99
Celtic Frost Into The Pandemonium CD $11.99
Celtic Frost "Vanity Nemesis" CD $11.99
Celtic Frost- Monotheist $11.99
Chastain-"Voice Of The Cult " CD $9.99
Chevy-s/t  (NWOBHM) $9.99
Children Of Bodom- Blooddrunk CD $15.99
Cianide Divide and Conquer CD $11.99
Circle Jerks Group Sex $11.99
Cirith Ungol -Paradise Lost CD $14.99
CJSS (Chastain) Kings Of The World cd $5.99
The Clash -s/t (UK version)$11.99
The Clash Give Em Enough Rope $11.99
Cloven Hoof Opening Ritual/Fighting Back cd $11.99
Bootsy Collins-Ah The Name is Bootsy Baby CD $11.99
Control Denied The Fragile Art Of Existence $15.99 digipack
Alice Cooper Love It To Death CD $11.99
Alice Cooper Schools Out CD $6.99
Alice Cooper Goes To Hell CD $6.99
Coroner "Punishment For decadence" $11.99
Corrosion Of Conformity- "Wiseblood" CD $6.99
Corrosion Of Conformity -Live Volume $11.99
Cramps -Songs The Lord Taught Us cd  -$9.99
Cramps-Psychedelic Jungle cd $9.99
Cramps Bad music For Bad people CD $9.99
Cro-Mags "Revenge" CD $5.99 (out of print)
Crowbar- Past and present CD $5.99
Cryonic Temple -Blood Guts and Glory CD japanese $14.99
Custard -For My King CD $9.99
Cydonia Italian Power metal $5.99
Damned-Machine Gun Ettiquette CD $15.99
(w/Algy Ward of TANK!!!!!!)
Dark Angel-Time Does Not Heal CD $Black edition $18.99
Dark Funeral Vobiscum Satanas 2 cd $16.99
Dark Funeral Secrets Of The Black Arts 2cd $16.99
Dark Funeral-Live In South America CD $13.99
Dark Quarterer-s/t $11.99
Darkness Death Squad $9.99
Darkness -Defenders Of Justice CD $9.99
Darkness -Bocholt Live Squad $9.99
Darkness-Conclusion and Revival"cd $9.99
Darkthrone-Soulside Journey cd $11.99
Darkthrone-Under a Funeral Moon cd $12.29
Darkthrone-Panzerfaust CD  $13.99
Darkthrone-Transylvanian Hunger CD $12.29
Darkthrone F.O.A.D CD $15.99
Darkthrone -"Dark Thrones and Black Flags:" $15.99
Darkthrone -Total Death CD $14.99
Darkthrone-Goatlord CD $14.99
Darkthrone-Hate Them CD $14.99
Darkthrone The Cult Is Alive CD $14.99
Darkthrone Preparing For War CD $11.99
Darkthrone Plaguewielder CD  $14.99
Darkthrone-Frostland Tapes 3 CD  $17.99 NEW lower price
Darkthrone-Circle The wagons CD $15.99
Dawn Of Winter-The Peaceful Dead $13.99
Dead Boys Young Loud and Snotty CD $14.99
Dead Kennedys-Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables cd/dvd $15.99
Dead Kennedy Milking The Sacred Cow cd $9.99
Deadly Blessing "An Eye To The Past" $11.99
Death "Scream Bloody Gore" CD $9.99
Death "Leprosy" CD $9.99
Death "Human" CD $12.99
Death "Individual Thought Patterns" CD $12.99
Death-Symbolic- $15.99
Death Angel  Killing Season CD  $14.99
Death Breath "Stinking Up The Night" CD $14.99
Death Breath "Let it Stink"  CD EP $11.99
Death In June Abandon Tracks digi CD $12.99
Deathmask-Exhumation CD $9.99 Doom from Md
Death Militia -You Can't $9.99
Deathrow Satan's Gift CD $11.99
Deep Purple -Book Of Talesyn $11.99 w/ bonus tracks
Deep Purple -Shades Of Deep Purple $11.99 w/ bonus tracks
Deep Purple -Made In Europe $11.99
Deceased -Return To The Evil Side CD $9.99
Deceased -As The Weird Travel On CD $9.99
Deceased Up The Tombstones Live $7.99
Deep Purple Fireball CD $6.99
Defleshed -Royal Straight Flesh cd $9.99
Defleshed Under The Blade CD $9.99
Deicide -Scars of The Crucifix cd/dvd $15.99
Deicide-Till Death Do Us Part CD $13.99
Destruction-Infernal Overkill/Sentence of death cd $11.99
Destruction-Mad Butcher/Eternal Devestation CD $11.99
Destruction-Release From Agony CD $11.99
Destruction Thrash Anthems CD   $14.99
Destruction DEVOLUTION CD $13.99
Destruction-Live Curse of The Antichrist 2 CD $16.99
Destructor- Forever In Leather $11.99
Devo-Freedom Of Choice CD   $11.99
Devo Live CD /DVD   $14.99
Diabolical Masquerade "Ravendusk In My Heart" CD-$11.99
Diabolical Maquerade-Nightwork CD $11.99
Diabolical Masquerade -The Phantom Lodge CD $11.99
Diabolical Masquerade Deaths Design CD $11.99
Dictators-Go Girl Crazy CD $9.99
Dictators-manifest Destiny CD $9.99
Dictators -Bloodbrothers CD $9.99
Dimmu Borgir-For all Tid CD $11.99
Dio-Holy Diver $9.99
Dio-Last In Line $9.99
Dio-Dream Evil $6.99
Dio Master Of The moon CD $11.99
Dismember- Complete Demos  $15.99
Dismember -Hate campaign CD $12.99
Dismember "Massive Killing Capacity" CD $7.99
Dismember-Dismember CD $14.99
Dissection The Somberlain 2 cd $11.99
Dissection Storm of The Lights Bane 2cd $11.99
Dissection-Live Legacy $11.99
Dissection Reinkaos  $11.99
Domine "Dragonlord" cd  out of print  $5.99
Doomstone "Without Prayer" cd $9.99
The Doors -s/t CD $11.99
The Doors "Strange Days" remaster w/ bonus $11.99
The Doors "Waiting For The Sun" remaster w/ bonus $11.99
The Doors Morrisson Hotel CD   $11.99
The Doors LA Woman cd   $11.99
 The  Doors -Perception Box 6 cd /dvds $64.99
Down -Nol CD $11.99
Dragonslayer CD $12.99 NWOBHM
Dream Theater Awake CD  $11.99
Dream Theater-A dramtic Turn of Events CD $16.99
Dropkick Murphy's-Singles Collection $11.99
Dropkick Murphy's -Tessie CD single $5.99
Earthride Taming Of The Demons cd $13.99
Earthride Vampire Circus CD $13.99
Eazy Meat "Not For Wimps" CD $11.99 (NWOBHM)
Leif Edling Songs of torment -songs of Joy cd $7.99 (sale)
Electric Wizard -s/t CD  $14.99
Electric Wizard-Dopethrone CD $14.99
Electric Wizard -We Live CD $14.99
Electric Wizard- Witchcult today CD $15.99
Electric Wizard -Black Mass CD
Elf-ELF CD w/ DIO! $6.99
Eluveitie -Slania CD  $14.99
Elvenking-The Scythe CD $14.99
Emperor- Equilibrium IX cd $9.99
Emperoro-Live $13.99
Endstille Endstilles Reich CD $13.99
Endstille Fruhlingscerwachen cd $13.99
Endstille Operation Wintersturm CD $13.99
Endstille Dominanze cd $14.99
Endstille -Navigator CD $14.99
Ensiferum-Dragonheads CD EP  $9.99
Ensiferum -Iron CD $14.99
Endlaved Hordanes Land CD $11.99
Enslaved "Frost" CD $14.99
Enslaved Bloodhelmn CD $14.99
Enslaved-Monumension CD $14.99
Enslaved Below The Lights CD $13.99
Enslaved -Vertebrae CD $14.99
Entombed -Left Hand Path CD $13.99
Entombed  -Clandestine cd/dvd $15.99
Epica Divine Conspiracy CD  $15.99
Estuary Craft of Contradiction CD $9.99
Estuary -To Exist and Endure CD $9.99
Eternal Ruin/Lukreaahsplit cd $9.99
Exciter -Thrash Speed Burn cd $12.99
Exciter The new testament CD  $7.99
Exiled-Blood Sea CD -11.99 US Power
Exodus Bonded By Blood CD $9.99
Exodus Pleasures Of The Flesh CD
Exodus -Force Of Habit CD   $14.99
Exodus -Impact Is Imminent CD $14.99
Exodus -another lesson in Violence cd $10.99
Exodus-Let There be Blood CD $13.99
Exploited -Punk's Not Dead CD  $11.99
Exploited-Let's Start a War CD $11.99
Eyehategod-Take as needed for pain cd $5.99
Eyehategod -10 years of Abuse  cd $10.99
Eyehategod-Southern Discomfort cd $10.99
Fates Warning -Still Life $6.99
Fish Vigil In a wilderness of Mirrors $11.99
Fish Internal Exile $11.99
Fingernails (Italy)-"Fingernails/Hell n Back CD $9.99
Firewind -Allegiance CD $9.99
Foghat -Live cd $9.99
Flotsam and Jetsam -Unnatural Selection 7.99
Flotsam and Jetsam -High CD $5.99
Frijid Pink -s/t cd $15.99
Frip and Eno No Pussy Footing  2cd $15.99
Fu Manchu -No One Rides For Free CD $12.99
Fu Manchu-In Search Of CD  $11.99
Fu Manchu-California Crossing CD $9.99
Fu Manchu -Daredevil $12.99
Fu Manchu-King Of The Road cd $9.99
Fu Manchu -Go For It Live 2 cd $13.99
Fu Manchu
Fu Manchu-Signs Of Infinite Power CD $13.99
Rory Gallagher BBC Sessions 2 cd $11.99
Gamma Ray Land of The Free CD 2   $14.99
Gates Of Slumber-Conqueror cd $13.99
Gates Of Slumber-Hyms Of Blood and Thunder cd $12.99
The Gathering -Nighttime Birds 2 cd $14.99
Ian Gillan -Gillan's Inn CD w/ DVD $16.99
Goatwhore-Carving Out The Eyes of God CD $12.99
Goddess Of Desire-Symbol Of Triumph CD $7.99
Godflesh-Streetcleaner CD $13.99
Gong "Angels Egg" CD $11.99
Gong "Flying Teapot" CD $11.99
Gong "You" $11.99
Gong Camemberte Electrique cd     $12.99
Goreaphobia  CD $9.99
Gorgoroth-"Pentagram" CD $11.99 (digipack)
Gorgoroth -"Antichrist" CD $11.99 (digipack)
Gorgoroth -"Under The Sign Of Hell"  CD $11.99
Gorguts Live In Rotterdam CD $9.99
Gospel Of The Horns CD  $11.99   
Grave-Into The Grave CD $10.99
Gravedigger Liberty or Death cd $13.99
Gravedigger Rheingold cd  $11.99
Gravedigger Excalibur cd $11.99
Grave digger Pray CD/EP $7.99
Gravedigger Ballads Of A Hangman $14.99
Michale Graves Illusions Live 2008 CD $13.99
green carnation   -the acoustic verses
Victor Griffin-Late For An Early Grave $9.99
Grip Inc.- Nemesis CD $5.99
Grip Inc.- Solidify CD $5.99
Groundhogs Who will Save The World CD $11.99
Guillotine-Blood Money CD $14.99
Gun Barrel-Power Dive CD $11.99
Gun Barrel-Outlaw Invasion CD $13.99
Guns n Roses appetite for detruction cd $12.99
Guns n Roses Lies cd $9.99
Hades -The Downside CD $6.99
Hades "Damnation"  CD $6.99
Hail Of Bullets-Of Frost and War cd $13.99
Hammerfall- No Sacrifice No Victory $13,99
Hank III-Risin' Outlaw CD $8.99
Hank III-Lovesick, Broke  and driftin...CD $8.99
Hank III-Damn Right Rebel Proud cd $15.99
Hatchet-Awaiting Evil CD $13.99
Heaven and Hell -Radio City Music Hall CD $16.99
Hellacopters -Payin The Dues CD 13.99
Hellacopters -Grande Rock  cd $11.99
Hellhammer -Apolcalyptic Raids cd $11.99
Hellhammer Demon Entrails 2 CD $12.99
Helloween-Keeper of The Seven Keys pt 1 $13.99
Helstar-Was The Night Of A Hellish Xmas (Live) 5.99
Hermano Dare I say CD  $12.99
Hirax-New Age Of Terror cd + 100m DVD! $13.99
Houwitser cd $5.99
Iceed Earth- s/t CD $9.99
Iced earth -Something Wicked This way Comes CD $9.99
Iced Earth-Night of The Stormrider cd $9.99
Impaled nazarene -Manifest CD $11.99
Impaled nazarene- Pro Patria Finlandia CD $14.99
Iron Maiden s/t CD $15.99
Iron Maiden Killers CD $15.99
Iron Man -I Have returned CD $12.99
Holocaust-The Nightcomers cd $9.99
Holocaust-Live Hot Curry and Wine CD $9.99
The Hounds Of Hasselvander CD $12.99
Icarus Witch-Draw Down The moon CD   $14.99
Iced Earth Framing ASrmageddon CD $14.99
Iced Earth EP 2007 $7.99
Iced Earth s/t $11.99
Iced Earth Night Of The Stormrider $11.99
Iced Eart-I walk among you EP $7.99
Iced Earth-Framing Armageddon cd _15.99
Iggy Pop -Party CD$6.99
Iggy Pop-Soldier CD $6.99
Immolation Hereinafter CD $11.99
Immortal-Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism cd $13.99
Immortal-Pure Holocaust CD $13.99
Immortal -At The heart Of Winter CD $13.99
Immortal-Damned In Black CD $13.99
Immortal-Battle In The North CD 13.99
Immortal-Blizzard beasts CD $13.99
Immortal- Sons Of Northern Darkness cd/dvd $13.99
Immortal-All Shall Fall CD $13.99
Impaled nazarene-Ugra Karma CD $13.99
Impaled nazarene -manifest CD $13.99
Incantation-Primordial Domination CD $9.99
Infernal Majesty -None Shall Defy CD $11.99
Iron Maiden s/t CD $15.99
Iron Maiden "Killers"  CD  $15.99
Iron maiden -Piece of Mind CD $15.99
Iron Maiden-No Prayer For The Dying CD $15.99
Iron Maiden -somewhere back in time cd $15.99
Iron Man I Have returned CD $13.99 Great Doom!
Jag Panzer Ample Destruction CD $9.99
Jag Panzer -The 4th judgement cd $11.99
Jag Panzer -Chain Of Command cd $11.99
Jag Panzer-Decade of The Nail spiked bat cd $10.99
Jaguar- Power Games $9.99
Jarboe-Mahakali CD $13.99
Jorn -Unlocking The Past CD $15.99
Judas priest -Rocka Rolla CD $7.99 (sale)
Judas Priest-Sad Wings Of Destiny CD $11.99
Judas Priest -Sin after Sin CD $11.99
Judas Priest Stained Class CD $11.99
Judas Priest-Hell Bent For leather CD $11.99
Judas Priest-British Steel CD $11.99
Judas Priest -Unleashed In The East cd $11.99
Judas Pries-Screaming For Vengeance CD $11.99
Judas Priest-Defenders Of The Faith cd $11.99
Judas Priest-Painkiller cd $11.99
Judas Priest -Nostradamus cd $12.99
Kamelot Dominion CD  $11.99
Kamelot Fourth Legacy CD $11.99
Kamelot Eternity CD $11,99
Kamelot-Epica CD  $11.99
Kampfar -Heimgang cd $13.99
Kansas -Kansas CD $6.99
Kansas Masque CD $6.99
Kansas Song For America CD $6.99
Katatonia Tonights Desicion CD $11.99
King Crimson "In The Court Of The Crimson King" remastered CD $14.99
King Diamond "Give Me Your Soul Please" CD $14.99
King Diamond Abigail/Fatal Portrait CD $16.99
The Kinks-Something Else CD  (bonus trx)  $11.99
Knightmare II CD $9.99
Korpiklaani  Korven Kuningas CD  $14.99
Kreator Endless Pain CD $11.99
Kreator Pleasure To Kill CD $11.99
Kreator Extreme Aggression CD $12.99
Kreator-Terrible Certainty CD $12.99
Kreator "Out Of The Dark"  CD $11.99
Kreator-Coma Of Souls CD $12.99
Kreator-Cause For Conflict CD $12.99
Kreator-Outcast CD  $11.99     
Kreator -Live Kreation (2 cd) $13.99
Kreator "Hordes Of Chaos"  ltd digipack CD/dvd $16.99
Krisiun Apocalyptic Revelation CD $10.99
Krisiun Works Of Carnage CD $10.99
Krisiun Ageless Venomous CD $10.99
Krisiun Conquerors Of Armageddon CD $10.99
Krisiun-Assasination CD $10.99
Krisiun-Black Force Domain CD $10.99
Krisiun-Bloodshed CD $10.99
Kult Of Azazel Destroying The Sacred CD $9.99
Kyuss Blues For The Red Son cd $12.99
Kyuss-Sky Valley CD $12.99
Kyuss-And The Circus Leaves Town  CD $12.99
Lacuna Coil EP  $8.99
Laaz Rockit Citys Gonna Burn CD+ 3 bonus trx $15.99
Leaf Hound -Unleashed CD $17.99
Leaves Eyes "Elegy" EP $7.99
Leaves Eyes "Legend Land" EP $7.99
Leaves Eyes "Njord" Digipack ltd $16.99 2 bonus tracks
Led Zeppelin Mothership 2 CD $19.99
Led Zeppelin song remains The Same remastered 2 cd $19.99
Lordi The Arockalypse CD $9.99
Lost Breed -Lost Breed CD (US) $6.00
Loudness-Jealousy/Slap In The Face CD $11.99
Loudness-Thunder In The East CD $11.99
Loudness Heavy metal Hippies CD $9.99
Loudness -Loud n Raw CD $9.99
Loudness Loudness CD $9.99
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Pronounced Lynrd Skynyrd $13.99
Lynyrd Skynyrd -Second Helping $10.99
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Authorized Bootleg-$12.99
Mach II s/t cd $9.99 3 bonus live tracks!
Mad Max-Rollin Thunder $15.99
Mad Max -s/t   CD $15.99
Malignancy -Interauterine Cannibalism CD  $5.99
Yngwie Malmsteen- Trilogy cd $11.99
Yngwie malmsteen -Odyssey cd  $11.99
Manilla Road "Mystification" CD $11.99
Manilla Road-Gates Of Fire CD  $11.99
Manowar Battle Hymns CD $10.99
Manowar Sign Of The Hammer CD $10.99
Manowar Kings Of Metal CD $9.99
Manowar Fighting The World CD $9.99
Manowar-Louder Than Hell CD $9.99
Manowar-The Triumph Of Steel $9.99
Manowar Gods Of War Live 2 CD $21.99
Marduk-Those Of The Unlight CD $14.99
Marduk-Nightwing CD $14.99
Marduk-Panzer Division Marduk $14.99
Marduk -Warchau CD/DVD $16.99
Marillion-Script For a Jesters Tear CD $11.99
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush-Live CD $6.99
Mayhem -Live In Leipzig CD $13.99
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathana  $13.99
Mayhem/Thou Shalt Suffer split cd $11.99
Mayhem Chimaeira CD  $14.99
The Meatmen-Cover the Earth CD $12.99
Megadeth -Killing Is My Business remastered CD $11.99
Megadeth Peace Sells cd       $11,99
Megadeth -That one nIght Live in Buenos aires 2cd $14.99
Melvins-The Bride Screamed Murder cd $15.99
Merciless Death -"Evil In The Night" cd $12.99
Merciless Death -Realm Of Terror CD  $13.99
Mercyful Fate Don't Break The Oath/Return of The Vampire  2 cd $16.99
Mercyful Fate Melissa/The beginning 2 cd $16.99
Mercyful Fate In The Shadows CD $11.99
Mercyful Fate -Time CD $11.99
Mercyful Fate Dead Again CD $11.99
Metal Church-s/t   $9.99
Metal Church-The Dark $9.99
Metal Church- Live $11.99
Metal Church -This present Wasteland $14.99
Metallica  Kill Em All CD $15.99
Metallica -Ride The Lightning CD $15.99
Metallica-Death Magnetic CD $15.99
Midvinter "At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon" $7.99
Misery Index Traitors CD $14.99
Misfits "Walk Among Us "  CD $11.99
Misfits Earth A.D. CD $14.99
Misfits -American Psycho CD  $11.99
Misfits-The Devils Rain CD (2011) $13.99
Molly Hatchet s/t cd $9.99
Molly Hatchet Flirtin With Disaster cd $9.99
Molly Hatchet No Guts No Glory cd $9.99
Molly Hatchet -Take No Prisoners/The Deed is Done cd $12.99
Monster Magnet -Spine Of God CD $11.99
Monster Magnet-Superjudge CD $11.99
Monster Magnet -"Tab" CD $11.99
Monster magnet -Powertrip CD $13.99
Moonsorrow  Viides Luku Havitetty cd   $14.99
Moonspell -Wolfheart 2 cd $14.99
Moonspell -Darkness and Hope cd $11.99
Moonspell-Antidote CD $10.99
Morbid Angel -Abominations Of Desolation CD $16.99
Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness CD w/DVD $16.99
Morbid Angel Blessed Are The Sick CD $14.99
Morbid Angel Domination CD $9.99
Morbid Angel Covenant CD $9.99
Morbid Angel-Formulas Fatal To The Flesh CD $12.99
Motorhead On Parole $9.99
Motorhead Live 1978 whats words worth $13.99
Motorhead-Overkill CD $12.99
Motorhead-Bomber cd $12.99
Motorhead -Ace Of Spades CD $12.99
Motorhead-No Sleep Till Hammersmith CD $12.99
Motorhead -Iron Fist CD $12.99
Motorhead-Another Perfect Day CD $12.99
Motorhead-March Or Die CD  $6.99
Motorhead -1916 CD $6.99
Motorhead-Bastards CD $12.99
Motorhead -Overnight Sensation CD $12.99
Motorhead -We ARe Motorhead CD $12.99
Motorhead-Inferno CD $10.99
Motorhead "Motorizer" CD $$14.99
Motorhead-The World Is Yours CD/DVD $15.99
Mountain  -Climbing CD   $5.99
Mountain Flowers Of Evil CD  $5.99
Mountain-Live NJ CD  1974 $7.99
MSG -In The Midst 0f Beauty CD $15.99
Municipal Waste-Massive Aggressive cd $13.99
My Dying Bride The Angel and The Dark River $11.99
My Dying Bride Turn Loose The Swans $11.99
My Dying Bride Like Gods Of The Sun CD  $11.99
My Dying Bride Dreadful Hours CD $11.99
My Dying Bride-An Ode To Woe cd/dvd   $16.99
My Dying Bride Voice Of The Wretched CD $11.99
My Dying Bride-For Lies I Sire CD $14.99

Nachtmystium-Asassins Black Meddle CD $13.99
Nasty Savage -Wage Of Mayhem CD $7.99
Nasty Savage "Psycho Psycho " CD $11.99
Nebula-Apollo   $9.99
Nebula BBC/Peel sessions cd   $13.99
Necronomicon  (Germany) CD great thrash like Sodom!$9.99
Necronomicon  Apocalyptic Nightmare 2nd cd $9.99
Necrophagia Season Of the Dead 2 cd $11.99
Napalm Death "Scum" 20th aniv. edition w/DVD $13.99
Napalm Death "Harmony Corruption" $13.99
Napalm Death Utopia Banished cd/dvd  $16.99
Napalm Death Order of The leech  $9.99
Napalm Death-Times Waits For No Slave $13.99
Nebula-To The Center-  $11.99
Nebula-Apollo CD $9.99
Nebula BBC/Peel sessions CD  $13.99
Necromantia Scarlet Evil Witching Black
Necronomicon -Escalation $9.99  CD
Negative Approach-Total Recall CD   $13.99
Neurosis-Through Silver In Blood CD $14.99
Nifelheim-Nifelheim CD $$13.99
Nifelheim -Devil's Force CD13.99
Nifelheim-Envoy Of Lucifer CD $14.99
999- 999/Seperates CD $11.99
Nirvana -Nevermind CD $12.99
Nirvana "Bleach" $11.99
Nirvana "Incesticide"  $9.99
Nocturnal Rites -Shadowland cd $10.99
Nuclear Assault Game Over Radioactive Glow edition w/ Plague EP +5 live tracks $17.99
Nuclear Assault -Alive Again CD $11.99
Nuclear Assault -Handle With Care CD $13.99
Nuclear Blast All Stars "Into The Light" CD $15.99
Ted Nugent-Live at Hammersmith 79 $11.99
Nunslaughter "Goat" CD  $9.99 
Nunslaughter "Hex" CD $9.99
The Obsessed -Lunar Womb CD $13.99
Obituary-Slowly We Rot/Cause Of Death 2 CD  $16.99
Obituary-Xecutioners Return cd $15.99
Obituary-Left To Die cd (EP) $7.99
October 31  -No Survivors CD $9.99 
October 31 CD  Meet Thy Maker   $9.99
Omen "Battle Cry" CD $11.99
Onslaught -Power From Hell Import CD $19.99
Onslaught-Power From Hell cd $12.99
Onslaught -The Force Cd $12.99
Onslaught "Killing Peace  CD $14.99
Opeth-The Roundhouse Tapes2 CD $17.99
Opeth-Heritage CD $16.99
Opeth-My arms Your Hears CD $11.99
Outlaw Order -Dragging Down The Enforcer cd $14.99 (ex eyehategod)
The Outlaws -Bring Em Back Alive CD $11.99
Overkill feel The Fire CD $12.99
Overkill-Ironbound CD $15.99
Pagan Altar: New Studio cd $11.99
Paradise Lost-Lost Paradise CD $11.99
Paradise lost-Gothic CD $11.99
Paradise Lost-Gothic-w/bonus dvd $14.99
Paradise Lost Requiem CD $14.99
Paradise lost -Faith Divides Us $13.99
Paradox-Plan Of Attack cd $9.99
Paragon-Law Of The Blade jap. cd $14.99
Paragon-The Dark Legacy CD (japanese) $14.99
Paragon- Revengercd (japanese) $14.99
Parliament-Mothership Connection cd $11.99
Parliament-Gloryhallastoopid CD $8.99
Parliament-Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein CD $11.99
Pentacle (Holland)  Under The Black Cross $11.99

Pentagram -Relentless  CD  $12.49
Pentagram -Day Of Reckoning digipack CD-$12.49
Pentagram -Be Forewarned-digipack cd-$12.49
Pentagram -First Daze Here cd  $14.99
Pentagram-Turn To Stone cd $11.99
Pentagram-First Daze here $14.99
Pentagram First Daze here Too (2cd) $14.99
Pentagram -Review Your Choices cd (Digipack) $13.99
Pentagram-Sub Basement cd digipack $13.99
Pestilence-Consuming Impulse /Testimony ...2 cd $16.99
Pestilence Chronicles Of The Scourge CD $11.99(Live 1989/1988)
Pink Floyd Piper at The Gates Of Dawn 2 CD $21.99
Pink Floyd dark Side Of The moon CD $15.99
Place of Skulls-With Vision CD $$13.99
Plasmatics -Beyond The Valley Of 1984 cd $14.99
Poison Idea  War all the Time CD   $11.99
Poison Idea-Feel The Darkness cd $11.99
Possessed -Seven Churches CD $13.99
Possessed-Beyond The Gates CD $13.99
Premonition-Daily Suicide Live  CD $6.99
Primal Fear -New religion cd $15.99
Primordial -To The Nameless dead cd $13.99
Primus -Sailing The Seas Of Cheese $9.99
Primus -Tales From The Puinchbowl $9.99
Primus Pork Soda cd $9.99
Pungent Stench -Masters of Moral CD $11.99
Pungent Stench -Ampeauty CD $11.99
Quartz-"Resurrection" CD $7.99
Rainbow On Stage CD $11.99
Rainbow -Rising CD $11.99
Rainbow-Down To Earth 2 DC $27.99
Rainbow-Difficult To Cure CD $9.99
Rainbow-Straight Between The Eyes CD $9.99
Ramones "Ramones" s/t CD w/ bonus trx $11.99
Ramones-Leave Home w/ bonus tracks $11.99
Ramones "Rocket To Russia" w/bonus trx $11.99
Ramones "Road To Ruin" w/ bonus trx $11.99
Ramones-Pleasant Dreams w/ bonus trcks $11.99
Ramones-Subterranean Jungle w/ bonus trx $11.99
Ramones -Brain Drain CD       $5.99
Ramones -Halfway To Sanity CD  $9.99
Raven "Raw Tracks" CD out of print $5.99
Raven-Walk Through Fire cd $12.99
Redrum US Thrash Band from Ca.CD $9.99
Reverend Bizarre Crush The Insects cd $11.99
Reverend Bizarre -Harbringer Of Metal CD $11.99
Riot-Live In Japan CD $7.99
Rose Tattoo-s/t cd $15.99 8 bonus tracks!
Ross The Boss -New metal Leader CD $14.99
Rotting Christ -Passage To Arcturos  CD $9.99
Rotting Christ-Non Serviam CD $10.99
Rotting Christ-Sanctus Diavalos cd $10.99
Rotting Christ -KHRONOS 666 CD $10.99
Rotting Christ-Genesis CD $10.99
Rotting Christ -THANATIPHORO ANTOLOGIO(2CD)  $10.99
Rotting Christ-Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers CD $10.99
Rotting Christ-Dead poem CD $10.99
Roxxcalibur-NWOBHM for Muthas cd $12.99  all NWOBHM covers,   nice!
The Runaways s/t  $17.99
The Runaways-Queens of Noise CD $17.99
The Runaways -Live in Japan $17.99
Running Wild "Ready For Boarding" CD $11.99
Running Wild 20 Years In History2cd $16.99
Sabbat (UK) History Of A Time To Come -remastered version w/ 5 live tracks  $13.99
Sabbat (UK) "Dreamweaver" CD w/4 bonus live tracks $13.99
Sabaton- Attero Dominatus CD $14.99
Sacred Steel Reborn In Steel $7.99
Sacred Steel Bloodlust $7.99
Sacred Steel-Hammer oF Destruction CD-$14.99
Saint Vitus-Hallows Victim/Walking Dead EP $14.99
Saint Vitus -Born Too Late CD $14.99
Saint Vitus Mournful Cries CD $14.99
Saint Vitus Live CD $14.99
Saint Vitus "V" CD $14.99
Samael-Ceremony of Oppostites/Rebellion cd $10.99
Samael-Worship Him/Blood Ritual CD $10.99
Samael-"Above" CD $15.99
Samson -Refugee CD $5.99
Sarcofago-The Laws Of Scourge CD $11.99
Sarcofago -Rotting CD $11.99
Sarcofago -INRI $11.99
Sarcofago -Hate $11.99
Satan Court In The Act CD digipack $14.99
Satyricon Shadowthrone $13.99
Satyricon-Nemesis Divina CD $13.99
Satyricon Dark Medieval Times $14.99
Satyricon The Age Of Nero CD  $15.99
Savatage -Power Of The Night CD  $9.99
Savatage-Hall of The Mountain King cd $11.99
Savatage -Fight For The Rock CD $11.99
Savatage-Streets cd $9.99
Savatage-Ghost In The Ruins Live $7.99
Savatage Wake Of magellan CD  $11.99
Savatage Edge Of Thorns CD  $11.99
Saxon -s/t CD   $9.99
Saxon- The eagle has landed remastered cd w/ 6 bonus tracks from 81/82!! $12.99
Saxon Strong arm of the law cd   $15.99 w/ bonus trx remastered
Saxon Dogs of War remaster w/ 2 bonus $11.99
Saxon Forever Free CD $11.
Saxon Strong arm of The Law CD w/ 5 bonus trx $11.99
Saxon Inner Sanctum cd w/ bonus DVD $16.99
Saxon Into The Labyrinth CD  $14.99
Scorpions-Lonesome Crow CD $10.99
Scorpions-Taken By Force +2 bonus trx cd $10.99
Scorpions-Blackout CD $9.99
Scorpions-Animal Magnetism CD $9.99
Scorpions Lovedrive CD $9.99
Scorpions Face The heat CD $7.99
Sentenced-North From Here cd $10.99
Sepultura Morbid Visions /Bestial devestation CD $15.99
Sepultura-Schizophrenia CD $15.99
Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks..CD $11.99
Seventh Son  CD $11.99 (NWOBHM)
Shining (Swe.) IV The Eerie Cold CD $12.99
Silvermountain -Shakin Brains CD $15.99 digipack
Silvermountain-Live in Hibiya cd $15.99
Sinister -Hate/Bastard Saint CD $15.99 digipack 
Sinner -The nature Of Evil CD 7.99
Six Feet Under Death Rituals CD $13.99
Slapshot -Back On The Map CD  $14.99
Slayer hell Awaits CD $14.99
Slayer -Reign In Blood CD $14.99
Slayer -Christ Illusion Special edition 19.99(w/ dvd,bonus trx)
Slayer Decade Of Aggression  2CD (Back in print)$16.99
Sodom In The Sign Of Evil/Obsessed By Cruelty CD $14.99
Sodom Persecution Mania CD $15.99
Sodom Final Sign of Evil cd $15.99
Sodom- Better Off Dead CD $11.99
Sodom-Get What You Deserve CD $11.99
Sodom-Agent Orange CD $11.99
Sodom-Masquerade In Blood $11.99
Sodom-Mortal Way Of Live $11.99
Sodom-Tapping The Vein cd $11.99
Sodom-Marooned Live cd $11.99
Sodom M-16 CD $11.99
Sodom-In The sign of Evil/Obsessed By Vruelty/Persecution mania $16.99
Steppenwolf 7 CD       $5.99
Stormwarrior  Jap CD 1st $14.99
Stormwarrior  Northern Rage (Japanese) $14.99
Stormwarrior-On Foreign Shores japanese CD   $14.99
Stormwarrior -Heading Northe CD   $14.99
Stranglers LIVE -X CERT CD $11.99
Stranglers Rattus Norvegicus CD $11.99
Stranglers-Black and White CD  $11.99
Stranglers La Folie CD $11.99
Stranglers Greatest Hits $9.99
Stratovarius-Twilight Time CD $11.99
Stratovarius-Visions CD $11.99
Stratovarius-Episode cd $11.99
Stratovarius-Dreamspace cd $11.99
Suffocation-Effigy of The Forgotten/ 2 cd $16.99
SWeet Savage -Killing Time CD- $5.99
Taake-Taake CD $13.99
Tangerine Dream -Phaedra cd $11.99
Tangerine Dream-Rubycon CD $11.99
Tangerine Dream -Ricochet CD $11.99
Tangerine Dream Tangram CD $11.99
Tangerine Dream -Exit Cd $7.99
Tank -Filth Hounds of hades (digipack) CD $15.99
Tank This Means War cd digipack $15.99
Tank -Still at War cd (japanese) $15.99
Tank- War Of Attrition cd $9.99
Tankard-Thirst CD $14.99
The Tardy Brothers  CD $14.99
Testament -The Legacy $11.99
Testament -The new order $9.99
Testament-Practice What You Preach $9.99
Testament-Fomation of Damnation CD $15.99
Testament-Live in Eindhoven CD $13.99
Therion-Of darkness cd $11.99
Therion-Theli CD  $13.99
Therion Beyond Sanctorum CD $11.99
Therion-A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreams  CD $11.99
Therion Miskolc Experience 2 cd/dvd $17.99
Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation cd $9.99
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak  2 cd $27.99
Thin Lizzy -Johnny The Fox 2 cd $27.99
Thin Lizzy Black Rose cd $11.99
Thin Lizzy -Live and Dangerous $11.99
Thin Lizzy Chinatown cd $11.99
Thin Lizzy Renegade CD $11.99
Thin Lizzy Still Dangerous CD $13.99
Tiamat Astral Sleep + Bonus trx cd $10.99
Tiamat-Judas Christ CD $$10.99
Tiamat -Clouds cd $10.99
Tiamat Amanathes CD $14.99
Pat Travers- Crash and Burn CD $9.99
Trench Hell CD   $12.99
Trouble-Psalm 9 w/bonus dvd $16.99
Trouble "The Skull" w/ bonus dvd $16.99
Trouble Plastic Green Head cd w/ DVD $14.99
Trouble-Simple Mind Condition CD-$14.99
Twisted Tower Dire -The Curse of Twisted Tower 2cd $13.99
Twisted Tower Dire-The Isle of Hydra 2 cd $13.99
Twisted Tower Dire "Crest Of The martyrs" jap. cd $14.99
Type O Negative-Slow deep and hard remastered cd $15.99
Type O Negative -Dead again CD/DVD $16.99
Tyr-By The Light Of The North Star digipack cd $15.99
UDO "Mastercutor" CD  $14.99
UDO-Mastercutor Live 2 cd $16.99
UDO Dominator CD $13.99
UFO Phenomenon CD
UFO No Heavy petting CD
UFO Obsession
UFO-The Visitor CD $15.99 w/ Vinnie Moore
Unleashed-Where No Life Dwells cd -$10.99
Unleashed -Shadows In The Deep cd $10.99
Unleashed-Victory/Warrior CD $10.99
Unleashed -Hell's Unleashed $10.99
Unleashed-Sworn Allegiance $10.99
Unleashed -As Ygrdrasill Trembles CD $14.99
Unorthodox "Balance of power" CD (US)  $7.00
Uriah Heep-Live CD   $9.99
Uriah Heep -Wake The Sleeper cd $14.99

Vader Live In Japan $7.99
Vader -Necropolis CD/DVD $16.99
Venom "Welcome To Hell" cd  $11.99
Venom "Black Metal" CD $11.99
Venom "At War With Satan" CD $11.99
Venom -Possessed CD $11.99
Veno -Ein Kleine Nachmusic $11.99
Veno Metal Black CD $11.99
Venom "Hell" CD $13.99
Vice Squad "Stand Strong Stand Proud" cd $16.99
Vicious Roors-Cyberchrist CD $11.99
Vintersorg-Tjill Falls cd $13.99
Vio-lence Eternal Nightmare 2 cd $15.99
Voivod-war and pain 3 cd $16.99
Voivod-Killing Technology CD $11.99
VoiVod-Dimension Hatross cd $11.99
Voivod -Katorz cd $9.99
Voivod-Infini $12.99
Warfare "Metal Anarchy" CD (5 bonus trx) $13.99
Watain-Sworn To The dark cd $13.99
Watain-Lawless darkness CD $14.99
Weedeater-God Luck and Good Speed $13.99
While heaven Wept -Vast Oceans Lachrymose CD $13.99
Wino-Punctuated Equilibrium CD $12.99
Johnny Winter Saints and Sinners cd   $6.99
Johnny Winter Second Winter cd  $6.99
Winter "Into Darkness" CD $16.99
Witchburner-Final Detonation CD $12.99
Witchcraft s/t CD $14.99
Witchtrap cd $12.99
Wolves In The Throneroon-Two Hunters CD  $14.99
YES-Close To The Edge CD $11.99 4 bonus trx
Neil Young "Harvest" cd $11.99
Neil Young "Comes a Time" CD $11.99
Neil Young "After The Gold Rush" cd $11.99
Neil Young "Tonight's The Night" cd $11.99
Various artists "Armageddon Over Wacken" 2003 2 cd w/ sinner, Primal Fear, Twisted Tower Dire, V8 wankers, etc $6.99
Dischord 1981 year in 7"s cd $9.99
"Metal: a headbanger's Companion" 6CD set from Earache records, limited edition $16.99
"Spaced Out"  A tribute to UFO w/ Twited Tower Dire, Skullview, Agent Steel etc $6.99
Speed Kills Again Compilation w/ Merciless death, Toxic Holocaust, Avenger of Blood, Enforcer, Hatred, Warbringer, etc. slow price! $7.99
Venom "Metal Black" CD $11.99
Venom "Resurrection" CD$11.99
Witchcraft "Alchemist" CD $13.99
Witchfinder General "Buried By Time and Dust" $10.99
includes burning a sinner 7", Soviet Invasion ep and unreleased live track
Watain "Sworn To The Dark" CD  $13.99
Lenny White "Venusian Summer" cd $11.99
Zappa "Roxy and Elsewhere" cd $11.99
Zappa "Studio tan" $11.99
Zappa "you are what you is" $11.99
Zappa "unmitigated audacity" CD LIVE 1974 $11.99
Znowhite "All Hail to Thee/Kick em wken they're down/Live suicide" ltd edition cd digipack $15.99
ZZ Top-ZZ Tops First album $8.99
ZZ Top -Fandango $8.99 remastered, bonus tracks
ZZ Top -Tres Hombres-$8.99 remastered , bonus tracks
ZZ Top Tejas $8.99


Brainticket "Voyage" CD $8.00
Dave Brock "Memos and Demos" CD $10.00
Gong "Flying Teapot" CD $11.99
Angels "Egg" CD $11.99
Hawkwind "In Search Of Space" CD w/ 3 bonus tracks $$12.00
Hawkind  "Doremifasolatido"CD w/4 bonus tracks $12.00
Hawkwind "In The Beginning CD" $6.00
Hawkwind "This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic" live 80/84 $12.00
Hawkwind "Friends and Relations" CD $12.00
Hawkwind "Year 2000, codename Hawkwind" Volume One live 1972 2cd set $12.00
Hawkwind "Cosmic Overdrive" 3 cd set $20.00
Various artists "Strange Daze 97" 2cd live w/ Nick Turner, Farflung, Architectural Metaphor, etc. $13.99
Tangerine Dream "Turn Of The Tides" cd $10.00
Tangerine Dream "Tyranny Of Beauty" CD $10.00
Tangerine Dream "Rockoon" CD $10.00


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NEW (UNPLAYED) Metal LPS available
Acid Live in Belgium (Picture disc) $14.99 w/ small poster
After Death (Mike Browning) - 2lp $21.00
Agatus  The Weaving Fates lp $11.99
GG Allin Hated In The Nation LP $12.99
GG Allin Brutality and Bloodshed For All $12.99
Amebix Arise +2 lp   $9.99
Angelwitch s/t LP gatefold 180 gram vinyl $21.00
Anvil-This Is Thirteen 2lp $17.99
Ares Kingdom -Firestorm Redemption 12"  $9.99
Arson LP-Doomed Planet $14.99
Attacker-The Unknown LP $14.99
Avenger Of Blood Death brigade LP $14.99
Bad Brains-Build a nation LP  $15.99
Bad religion-New maps of Hell LP $13.99
Bathory-The Return... pic disc $20.99
Bathory-Hammerheart pic disc $20.99
Bathory-Blood On Ice (pic disc) $20.99
Bathory -Nordland 1 (pic disc) $20.99
Battering Ram (Belgium)-Back Through The Main Gate LP $17.99
Behemoth-The Apostasy $21.99 colored vinyl
Behemoth-Demigod $21.99 colored vinyl
Belphegor- Bondage Goat Zombie LP (Green) $16.99
Black Flag-Jealous Again 12" $9.99
Black Flag Damaged LP   $10.99
Black Flag-Wasted again LP $9.99
Black Flag The first 4 years $9.99
Black Flag-"Everything Went Black "  2 lp
Black Flag-My War LP $10.99
Black Flag-Slip It In LP $10.99
Black Flag-Loose Nut LP $12.99
Black Steel-"Hellhammer" LP $15.00
Blitzkrieg-Sins and greed 2 lp $17.99
Bloody Panda-Phemerone 12" $13.99
Cannibas Corpse-Tube of The resinated LP $16.99
Candlemass-King Of The Grey Island $20.99 2lp
Candlemass "Death Magic Doom"2 LP $25.99
Cannabis Corpse -Tube Of The resinated LP $15.99
Cannabis Corse- The Weeding EP  $13.99
Cannibal Corpse-Evisceration Plague (Picture disc) $25.99
Cannibal Corpse-Bloodthirst LP  $19.99
Carnivore Retaliation 2lp $25.99 
Carpathian Forest -F--k You All lp $20.99
Centinex LP  Decadence, Prophecies... $12.99
Criminal Justice LP-German technical metal $12.99
Dag Nasty -Can I Say LP (Blue vinyl) $10.99
Dark Angel/Shellshock (pre Dark Angel!)-Demos- $14.99
Dark Angel Darkness Descends 2lp $21.99
Darkthrone -Soulside Journey (Picure disc) $21.99
Darkthrone-Hate Them LP $21.99
Darkthrone-Panzerfaust LP $21.99
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables $10.99
Dead Kennedys-Give Me ConvenienceOr Give me Death LP $10.99
Dead Kennedys-Mutiny On The Bay LP $10.99
Deceased-Fearless Undead machines 2lp $17.99
Deceased-As The Weird Travel On LP $12.99
Deceased Behind The Mourner's Veil Pic disc $14.99
Deicide The Stench Of Redemption LP $14.99
Deicide Till Death Do Us part LP $15.99
Demon Pact 12" $14.99 (NWOBHM)
Desaster-Angelwhore LP gatefold sleeve $14.99
Destruction-Invincible Invasion live i germany 1985 $14.99
Destruktor (Aus)-"Nailed"  LP  $15.00
D.I. Richard Hung Himself   $14.99 white vinyl
Diephago-Filipino Antichrist lp w/ poster $15.00
Dimmu Borgir-Death Cult Armageddon 2lp $23.00
Dio Sacred heart (sealed) lp $8.49 w/ cut out notch
Dirty Looks-Turn Of The Screw -Sealed LP $9.99
Dishammer-Vintage Addiction LP $12.99
Dolmen LP (Pre Absu)  $12.99
Doomshine     2lp    $15.99
Donnas-Gold Medal LP $15.99
Dr Know F Off and Die $14.99 colored vinyl w/ patch
Dust -Hard Attack $16.99 sealed copy!  one only...
Earthride Taming Of the demons pic disc lp $13.99
Emperor-Live Inferno 2lp $23.99
Emperor-Live at Wacken 2006 2lp $23.99
Energy Vampires (2lp) $16.99 (ex Sluaghter Xtroyes)
Enforcer -Into The Night LP   $14.99
Exciter Heavy metal maniac LP colored vinyl $17.99
Exodus-Bonded By Blood -2lp gatefold $18.99
Exodus-Let There Be Blood LP ltd to 2500 $23.99
Faith/Void Spilt 12" +download (Purple vinyl) $12.99
Fearer-"Backfire" LP $13.99
Fingernails-Destroy Wetstern Worl LP $16.99
Fingernails- Hell n Back lp $16.99
Fingernails/Villains split 7" $5.99
Flame- LP     $12.99
Flotsam and Jetsam -No Place For Disgrace sealed) $8.49 has cut out notch
Front Beast LP $15.00
Front Beast 7"45 (gatefold) $6.99
Fu Manchu - We Must Obey LP $12.99 
Fugazi-Margin Walker 12"  $9.99
The germs- G.I. LP 180g vinyl $$15.99
Goatlord-reflections of The Solstice LP $14.99
Halloween Don't metal with Evil repress w/ 4 bonus tracks $14.99 (Black)
Joe Hasselvander Roadkill LP $12.99
Havohej -Dethrone The Son Of God LP $16.99
Hellias (Poland) -"Revenge Of Hellias" LP w/ poster , NICE $14.99
Hellhammer-Apocalyptic Raids 12" (Red Vinyl) $25.99
Hendrix-Valleys Of Neptune LP $17.99
Hendrix-Are You Experienced 180 gram vinyl $17.99
Heretic- Devil Worshipper Lp $19.99 (ltd to 300)
Hidden Hand The Ballad of Whiskey Foote LP $15.99
High On Fire -Snakes for the Divine 2lp $21.99
Hunter's Moon LP $14.99
Ignovinimous 45-$5.99
Impetigo-Ultimo Mondo Cannibale 2 lp $19.99
Impetigo Horror Of The Zombies LP $16.99
Intruder  Live To Die Relived-2lp $16.99
Iron Sword (2lp on Metal supremacy) colored vinyl $17.99
Jameson Raid -LP  $17.99 ltd to 250 copies
Kat (Poland) Nocze Szatana 10" $12.99
King Diamond -"Them" LP $19.99 reissue single lp
King Diamond -"Abigail" LP $24.99 2 lp reissue
Kraftwerk-The Man Machine LP $13.99
Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express LP $13.99
Krokus-One Vice at a Time (Sealed) $8.49
Majesty-Reign In Glory 2lp $16.99
Malteze-Count Your Blessings LP $12.99 (Female fronted traditional Metal)  German Pressing, US Band
Manilla Road -Voyager 2lp $21.99
Manilla Road -After Midnight Live 1979 (black vinyl) $17.99
Manowar-Gods of War 3lp (2 lps and one one sided 12"!) $27.99
Mantic Ritual LP   $16.99
Marginal Man Identity LP $10.99
Marquis De Sade-NWOBHM 12" /EP  $18.99
Massacre-Tyrants Of Death lp      $14.99
Massacre-The Second Coming  lp$13.99
Mayhem Deathcrush LP $25.99
Mclaughlin,Dimeola,Delucia-Friday Night in SF $11.99
Meatmen Were The meatmenand you suck  lp $10.99
Mentors-You Axed For It LP w/ bonus unreleased 45! $20.99
Metallica-Kill Em All 2 lp 45-$27.99
Metallica Kill Em All -$16.99 (single lp)
Metallica -Ride The Lightning $16.99 (single lp) 
Metallica And Justice For All 2lp $19.99
Metallica -And Justice For All (4 12" box ) special price available only in store $24.99
Metallica -"The Black album"  (4 12" box) special price available only in store $24.99 
Metallica-Death Magnetic 2lp $24.99
Metal Church Live in 1986 LP (gatefold) $17.99
Metal Mirror 1 LP (NWOBHM) $16.99
Metal Mirror 2 LP (NWOBHM) $16.99
Midnight -Farewell To Hell 10" $12.99
Minor Threat - s/t 12" w/ download $9.99
Misfits-Die Die My Darling 12"  $9.99
Misfits Earth AD lp $12.99
Misfits Evillive  lp$12.99
Misfits-Collection LP $13.99
Misfits -Static Age LP $12.99
Misfits -Walk Among Us-180 gram $18.00
Misfits-Land Of The Dead LP $11.99
Morbosidad- s/tPicture disc w/ insert $15.00
Moonspell-Memorial 2lp $22.00
Mortem-s/t peruvian band $12.99
Municipal Waste-Hazardous Mutation LP $13.99
Nebula-Heavy Psych LP $15.99
Nifelheim-Servants Of Darkness LP $24.99
Nightrage-Sweet Vengeance LP $11.99
Nocturnal Graves  (Australia)-Satans Cross -Gatefold w/poster $13.99 
Not Fragile/Z-Iron split lp (colored vinyl)$12.99 includes members of Ritual Steel
Obituary-Executioners return (Red vinyl) $19.99
October 31 -The Fire Awaits You LP $11.99
October 31 -No Survivors LP gatefold sleeve $9.99
October 31-"Visions Of The End" Picture disc lp, ltd to 200 copies $13.00
Onslaught -Shadow Of Death LP (demos) $21.99
Opeth Damnation 2 lp $25.99
Overdrive (UK) LP w/ patch $16.99
Overkill Feel The fire (colored vinyl) $17.99
Overkill Ironbound 2lp $22.99
Phantom Witch 12"  $15.99
Possessed-Seven Churches LP gatefold $17.99
Premonition-Best Of premonition 97-2001 (Red)$9.99
Primal Scream-Volume One lp (ex Carnivore) $9.99
Ravensthorne -2lp colored vinyl $17.99
Razor-Shotgun Justice  LP $17.99
Razor-Open Hostility LP $17.99
Razor-Violent restitution LP $17.99
Razorfist LP $16.99
Ritual Steel-Blitz Invasion LP $12.99 colored vinyl
Ritual Steel-Invincible Warriors LP $13.99  
Ruffians -from 87 colored vinyl $11.99
Saint Vitus-Hallows Victim LP $12.99
Saint Vitus -The walking Dead EP $10.99
Saint Vitus -Thirsty and Miserable EP $9.99
Saint Vitus-Born Too Late LP $12.99
Saint Vitus-Mournful Cries LP $12.99
Saint Vitus Heavier Than Thou 2lp $13.99
Satyricon -The Age Of Nero LP $20.00
Saxon-Call To arms LP $15.99
Saxon-The Eagle Has landed 2lp $25.99
Scarlet Angel LP $13.99 (female Baltimore area band)
Skullview-Consequences Of Failure (2lp)  17.00
Slaughter (Canada) Surrender or Die picture disc w/ outer cover $15.99
Slayer-Christ Illusion LP (Red Vinyl) $17.99
Slayer Haunting The Chapel 12"  Red vinyl $21.00
Slayer-World Painted Blood LP $19.99 
Stainless Steel LP $13.99
Stone Vengeance LP $14.99 black vinyl
Stone vengeance lp $16.99 green vinyl
Stormwarrior-At Foreign Shores Live in Japan LP $14.99
The Spawn Of Satan  "Bloodsick" $11.99
Stormwarrior s/t  LP Picture disc $16.99
Strikemaster LP     $14.99
Suffocation-Suffocation LP $14.99
The Sword Gods of The Earth LP
                       Thorax-Test Of Time 2lp  $18.99 (Belgian Heavy metal)
Trench Hell- Southern Cross Ripper LP $14.99
Tudor Extreme Black metal  2lp $17.99
Type O Negative- Dead Again 2 lp $24.99
Various Artists Hellbangers w/ Witchburner , Nokturnal (Germany) Metal Inquisitor etc $15.99
Venom -Welcome To Hell 2lp w/ bonus tracks  $25.99 clear vinyl
Venom-Black metal 2lp w/ bonus tracks $25.99 Grey vinyl
Venom-At War With Satan 2lp $25.99 red vinyl
Victimizer The Final Assault LP $13.99
Viloator-Violent Mosh LP $14.99
 Vortex-welcome to metalland  LP  $12.99
Warbringer bringer of War $14.99 w/ patch colored vinyl
Warbringer -Waking Into Nightmares LP  $16.99
Warhammer -Death Christ $15.99
Warhammer -Doom Messiah $15.99
Warhammer -Towards The Chapter Of Chaos $16.99 splattered wax
While heaven Wept -Sorrow Of The Angels LP $18.00 ltd to 600 copies
While Heaven Wept-Of Empires Forlorn 2lp DOUBLE LP RPM $24.99 ltd to 600
While Heaven Wept -Vast Oceans Lachrymose LP $15.99 ltd to 500 1st pressing
While heaven Wept -Vast Oceans Lachrymose (DOUBLE LP 45 RPM) $24.99 ltd to 600
Whitesnake-Trouble LP -Sealed import $9.99
Wino-Punctuated Equilibrium LP/10" $20.99
Witch s/t  LP $14.99
Witch -Paralyzed LP $14.99 (w/ J Mascis, doomy stuff)
Witchburner -German Thrashing war 12" -$10.00
Witchburner -German Thrashing War (Picture disc) $10.00 final copies!
World Below-LP doom $11.99
Wyrd -Heathen LP $10.99
Zemial 7" 45 $5.99
Zoroaster LP
   ROCK VINYL  (ALL NEW , SEALED LP's, no cuts outs )
Blues magoos -Psychedelic Lollipop Lp  $12.99
Chocolate Watchband -No Way Out Lp (180g vinyl) $12.99
Miles Davis-Steamin'LP $12.99
Electric Prunes-Too Much To Dream LP (colored vinyl) $12.99
Electric Prunes-Release of an oath LP $12.99
Granicus-Granicus LP $12.99
Iggy Pop-Iggy and Ziggy Live 1977 LP $12.99
Iggy and The Stooges-More Power Lp $12.99
The jam-In The City LP $12.99The jam-In The City (colored vinyl)
The jam-All Mod Cons LP $12.99
Rick James-Reflections Lp $12.99
Josefus-s/t LP $12.99
Kraftwerk-Man machine lp $12.99
Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express LP $12.99
Curtis Mayfield-Back To The World Lp (180 gram) $12.99
Moby Grape-legendary Grape LP $12.99
Charlie parker-Bird at Nicks $12.99
Parliament-Mothership Connection (colored vinyl) LP $12.99
Parliament-Clones of Dr Funkenstein LP $12.99
Ramones s/t LP $12.99
Ramones Leave Home Lp $12.99
Ramones-Rocket To Russia Lp $12.99
Ramones-End of The Century LP (180 gram) $12.99
Sir Lord Baltimore-s/t LP $12.99
Sir Lord Baltimore-Kingdom Come Lp $12.99
Soft machine/The Soft machine LP $14.99
Velvet Underground -Loaded LP 180g $12.99
Velvet Underground -Live 2lp $15.99

used LP'S AND 45'S update 6-8-2013

tHE BEATLES-magical mystery tour $15.00
the beatles-live at the star club 2 lp $19.00
the beatles-Yesterday and Today (apple) $10.00
black oak arkansas-Raunch and Roll (quad) $8.00
david bowie-The man who sold the world LP
david bowie-ziggy stardust lp $16.00
The doors-waiting for the sun lp $12.00
the doors-Morrison Hotel LP $10.00


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